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Desperate Housewife star Eva Longoria and her fiance baseball star Tony Parkers wedding day in Paris, This was a low key ceremony at the civil hall. This civil event is required by French law and took place before the lavish ceremony and reception.

Eva Longoria

Eva wore wore a white silk cocktail dress and matching bolero jacket.

Hellen Mirren

Hellen Mirren steps out in style at another red carpet function. Elegant and classy

Emma Watson

Emma Watson shows us she is not afraid to try a little something different. Even if it is posing for the camera, she shows us that you can be creative and add a bit of flair when looking for an outfit. Miss Watson is a self confessed follower of fashion, her favorite designers at the moment are Karl Lagerfeld, Vivian Westwood, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga.

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is looking stunning and stylish in this sequined bolero on top of a black harem jumpsuit with a large gold rope pendent to finish it off. How does she pull it off?

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard wore a strapless pink dress by Christian Dior with a double brown belt. later she was spotted with an ivory knitted bolero, which shows just what a difference the  addition of a stylish bolero can make. I think Marion looks better with the bolero.

Keke Palmer

How Chic does Keke Palmer look in this gold sequined bolero over this black strapless jumpsuit. Keke wore this outfit at the Teen Choice  Awards in August this year. A great choice for a young women to wear. It could can be a disaster if you get it wrong but not this time.

The best way to keep warm on the wedding day if its going to be cold is of course the Faux Fur wedding Bolero.  You may be feeling the nerves a little, you may even start to shiver on a cold day, but wrapped up in the fur you will be back in that comfort zone again. There can be nothing worse than being uncomfortable on your wedding day and showing it in front of all the guests. let’s not forget the wedding video that will show every shiver.  The faux fur bolero also adds Hollywood style and glamour to your wedding outfit.  What girl wouldn’t feel great in one of these!

This is a lovely Faux Fur Ivory Bolero which has a hidden hock and clasp. The idea is so you may wear it loose or fastened.  Simply cut this bolero could be worn again and again.
The three-quarter length sleeves on this Bolero will provide that extra warmth on the cold day as well as looking fantastic.  The short cut of the jacket accentuating the waist line.  This style of faux fur bolero is every girl’s friend, adding extra width to your shoulders will make your waist look instantly slimmer.
This is my favourite.  With the high collar and detail cut into the faux fur it looks absolutely stunning.  The bolero in soft white faux with long sleeves and not only looks stylish but will make you feel warm in the cold weather. The Bolero has a satin lining that will make it feel exquisite on the inside as well as looking fabulous on the outside.   A stunning addition to anyone’s wardrobe.
We can see with this Faux Fur 3/4 length sleeve bolero that you can also wear it for any other occasion when you need just a little something extra to keep you warm.  So your wedding bolero will be able to be worn again and again unlike most wedding dresses which are worn once.
Victoria Beckham in a Faux Fur bolero at a party, not all white but shows that adding colour still looks good if you are looking for something other than white.
Once again Victoria Beckham is wearing a another bolero, this time it’s by Chanel and she is wearing it to the magazine awards. We can see how the wedding bolero can be worn to almost any occasion and dresses up the most simple of little black dresses.  With a bolero your little black dress will look more sophisticated.

The critics and designers feel a trend coming on especially Ms. Vera Wang who sure thinks so!

Vera Wang

When asked about the potential for bridal gowns with sleeves to catch on she said: “Nothing would make me happier. For 15 years I have been doing strapless dresses. It’s tiring.”  And with the fantastic designs that are currently around you can see why.   The Long sleeves with a frill or ruffle at the end can be absolutely stunning and will completely flatter and match any simple yet stylish wedding dress you want to wear underneath.  The bolero jacket adds a whole new dimension to any dress.

Tara Keely

Antique Duchesse satin, modified A-line gown with a pleated net and beaded bodice and a Duchesse satin bolero by Tara Keely.

Monique Lhuillier

Strapless, polished silk tulle gown with an asymmetrically draped bodice and paired with a gathered tulle bolero embellished with pearls by Monique Lhuillier.

Sassi Holford

Strapless, A-line gown with ribbon at the midriff and a sheer shrug by Sassi Holford

When choosing your bolero make sure it looks as though it is a part of the gown.  It is important that it does not distract from any details on the dress.

A nicely fitted bolero is ideal because it fits closely to the torso, so it will not add any bulk, and it is short enough not to obscure any of the details on your gown.

A bolero can be created from a matching fabric to the gown, such as a silk satin or mikado, or lace or organza. The lace boleros are particularly lovely, as are those with couture details like oversized organza ruffles.  The designers have spoken – boleros are “in”.

Think of Grace Kelly – the ultimate Hollywood starlet.  Didn’t she look like the epitome of the beautiful bride?  Her vintage lace bolero finishing her outfit off beautifully.  Would she have looked so refined and beautiful without it?

Grace kelly

Celebrity bride Ivanka Trump is another bride to wear the Wedding Bolero. Designed around the late Grace Kelly’s 1950’s wedding outfit, Vera Wang pulled together the outfit in just one month, which impresses the fashion critics and guests alike.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka had to follow the orthodox practices of Judaism when looking for her wedding dress and this one seems to have worked for Ivanka.

One New York Times critic was prompted to say about the dress. Cathy Horyn wrote “we’re so used to seeing brides in strapless dresses that Ms Trump’s gown made a fresh statement”

Peter Phillips & Autumn Kelly

The Royal wedding of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly so the bride wearing a wedding gown made of Duchesse Satin and lace, featuring a modest neckline and a short sleeved lace bolero.

This was a traditional look for the Royal bride. Wearing a lace bolero will always create the appearance of elegance and sophistication.

If you like the idea of wearing a bridal corset on your wedding day you have some choices to make.

Lingerie for brides comes in three main types, Corsets, Basques and Bustiers

If you will be wearing a strapless gown then you would probably go for a Corset.

Wedding Corset Satin

Sheer Corset











Wearing the Basque will support one’s breasts and comes with suspenders and keeps the tummy area trim and flattened.

silk basque

Satin Ivory Basque












The Bustier is boned and goes to the waist, similar to a bra.





You need to think about and have in mind your style, the likely weather, the Wedding Dress, your comfort and the look that you are going for all well before you even start seriously shopping for the clothes you will be wearing on the day

For a lot of women wearing a corset wouldn’t be their 1st choice of apparel to wear on their wedding day, after all where and when would you wear it?

Corset inspired wedding dress














But think about it, when you are wearing a corset it can change they way you feel, and change the way other people see you. The idea would be to feel and look glamorous, feminine as well as stunning. And of course the other great-added benefit would be to greatly enhance ones figure so that you could look absolutely fantastic on the wedding day.


Corset inspired Wedding Dress













What about after the wedding ceremony and reception when all the guests have gone home, what to wear? Or of course what not to wear? But think about a sexy corset again, there is a multitude of lingerie that you might care to try, but a well made wonderfully designed corset in a fabric of your liking will be hard to beat



Corset for the Wedding Night

Corset for the Wedding Night

Justin Alexander, long sleeve lace 2 piece

Two-piece ensemble: Beaded lace overlay dress and matching bolero jacket. Empire waist gown with spaghetti straps, dramatic mermaid insets, beaded throughout with crystals and bugle beads. Matching bolero beaded to match and features fabric buttons down sleeves.

Justin Alexander

Strapless Satin


Strapless A-line gown in off-white silk satin.  Style No. 131 bolero shrug with short sleeves sold separately.

Another very popular fabric for wedding boleros is sheer silk organza. The crisp fabric layers elegantly over a gown.  Done right, it will not obscure the intricate detail of the wedding dress.

Satin edged silk bolero


Faux fur Long Sleeve

It seems that most wedding dresses are either strapless or backless or sleeveless.  So if you are a winter bride and don’t want to turn blue on the way to the wedding or during the outside photos a fur or faux-fur boleros that designers are showing is the thing for you. This is beautiful for both the ceremony and as a keep warm option.  A white fur bolero is the ultimate in glamour.  It is the perfect accessory for a Winter Wonderland theme wedding.

Thankfully a lot of designers have caught on and are showing their wedding dresses with matching boleros.  This makes finding one significantly easier than it would have been a few years ago. This trend also benefits brides who need to meet certain modesty requirements for their ceremonies.

Lace strapless bodice with draped band and rhinestone accent.

The great thing about wearing a bolero over your wedding gown is that it allows you to have a conservative or traditional appearance for your ceremony.  In the evening, off with the bolero, and your designer dress takes centre stage

Having a removable bolero jacket is also a way to indulge in the trend of changing your outfit between the service and the reception.  All you would need to do is take off the bolero, let your hair down, and trade in traditional accessories for an instant transformation.

There are a variety of bolero styles that are in vogue right now.  Sheer lace is one of the prettiest options and can be used to create an exquisite look. This is a stunning way to complement a bridal gown and you won’t be hiding too much of it.

The bolero jacket can also flatter your figure, showing your waist to its best advantage.  The stylish dresser opts for bolero with just below elbow or three-quarter sleeves. Edwardian bolero styles are the ultimate choice for the designer bride.  The cut of the bolero is especially flattering to the neckline.

3/4 Wedding Boler0

Your wedding bolero will enjoy many outings if you choose carefully.  So for that special occasion, shop for a sheer bolero jacket in white or cream.  Not only will it complement your wedding gown but also it will enhance any colored evening gown you wear afterward.

Rounded corners with 3/4 Sleeves

One of the biggest trends on the runway for 2010 brides was cover-ups over the gowns and boleros are leading the way.  An elegant bolero can be the perfect accompaniment to evolveyour wedding gown from ceremony to reception.

What isa bolero? It is a short and small jacket which normally features rounded front corners. A bolero can come with long fitted sleeves or rounded capped or puffed sleeves.

Boleros could be made of any material your own imagination being the only limitation.  Some society weddings in the twentieth century had the most exquisite designs

Faux Fur Wedding Bolero

  • taffeta edged with Nalenciennes lace
  • Swarowski crystal beaded organza
  • yellow moiré boleros, “with bands underneath, simulating waist coats, of yellow velvet
  • grey chiffon
  • apricot silk
  • point d esprit and net in palest pink
  • oriental embroidery
  • Peking whitesilk with alternate stripes of satin
  • Pale blue liberty satin with a yoke of Italian filet lace
  • beaded or sequined

The twenty-first century sees an absolutely fashionable trendy felted wrap-bolero!  Soft, ruffle, beaded with freshwater pearls.

3 Stunning lace Wedding Boleros

The bolero is perfect as a cover up for summer air conditioning or cooler evenings.  A faux fur bolero the ideal accessory for the winter wedding.  Not only does it look stunning but it also keeps you warm.  Imagine ruining the beautiful designer wedding dress with a coat!  The bolero can also be the true friend of anyone who is not a perfect size 10 model.  It can hide baby fat arms and unsightly dress overhang.

So choose wisely so the bolero does its best for you.

If you are lucky enough to have a model’s figure the bolero can keep you warm without hiding too much of your allure

Bolero is a name given to a certain slow, romantic Latin music which originated in Cuba and Spain.

Boleros are also known as short jackets or sweaters that you would wear over an evening dress. When you picture a bolero over an evening dress, it looks romantic. So just as there is romantic music so are there romantic clothes.

It seems that the wedding bolero jacket made its first fashion appearance in 1890 – La Belle Époque as the French so aptly named it.  They could be made out of lace, silk, satin, taffeta see below for many more ideas.  La Belle Époque  as a time of beautiful clothes and the peak of luxury living for a select few who were privileged through birth.

Throughout the twentieth century many society brides wore a bolero jacket to complement their expensive designer wedding dress.  The height of chic and elegance boleros were the ultimate accessory.